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Sorry - we've had to cancel this event

Hi, thanks for your interest in our Dinner with Yvonne event.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, these dinners have had to be cancelled. We hope to be able to reschedule in the near future.


There are still lots of ways to support Yvonne and team Unite:

  • Volunteer to to door knock or hand out how to votes at poll stations:  pre polls open on 22 November and we will be covering all of them. Yvonne and all the Unite candidates will be there- and we have the best Tshirts of the campaign!
  • Donate directly: we are a grassroots campaign, and every donation is appreciated and goes directly to printing flyers, promoting posts and other outreach.

In the last Council election, only ~60% of voters actually cast their vote - we need to reach all of these voters, and every donation helps.

  • Post and repost our tweets and posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The more people post about Yvonne, the more people will see our message about rebuilding a better, fairer and greener Sydney.

The election is fast approaching on December 4  

Please take the time to browse our website and get in touch - we are always looking for ideas, volunteers and donations to help us throughout the campaign!