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Community Engagement

Ensure genuine public consultation, and start reflecting community participation in the Council's decision-making.

  • We will enable direct representation by community and businesses in Council meetings.
  • We will establish advisory committees representing business, LGBTQI+, creative and community interests.
  • We will provide feedback on submissions explaining how their input was utilised.
  • We will provide various grants to business, community and creative groups on an annual basis, through an independent and auditable process, to maximise their independence.



We will recognise and celebrate Sydney’s diversity and create an inclusive environment for under-represented groups.

  • We will increase the presence of under-represented groups in Sydney’s statues, plaques and street/place names, including women, First Nations, LGBTQI+, Ethnic minorities and less-abled Sydneysiders.
  • We will start by putting up a statue of Patyegarang in Dawes Point.
  • We will work with the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council to provide an Aboriginal voice to the Council.
  • We will promote establishment of a LGBTQI+ Pride Centre as part of the development of Oxford Street.

Supporting Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs 

We need to create an environment where Sydney’s businesses and local industries can thrive into the future and create employment opportunities. We can do much more to encourage Sydney’s continued growth and prosperity and opportunities for employment. Engagement with industry – from small independents and start-ups to global corporations needs to be a key part of decision making at Town Hall.

  • We will work with business groups and residents to renovate our alleys and retail streets.
  • We will review rates and levies on unoccupied shop fronts to facilitate re-establishment of businesses for a quicker recovery from COVID-19 crisis.


Powering a Green Economy

Minimise resource use, reuse as much as we can and ensure the City is continuing to lead the way in tackling climate change.

  • We will lead by example, by aggressively electrifying Council’s operations.
  • We will establish a Residential & Small Business Green Fund to improve existing buildings emissions across the LGA.
  • We will consider bringing forward net-zero buildings requirements in close consultation with the community.
  • We will expand the food scraps trial to the entire LGA.
  • We will increase green space in City of Sydney using Indigenous knowledge.
  • We will review feasible mechanisms to encourage use of less carbon intensive products, materials and services by establishing a price on carbon.


Supporting Freelancers and Grassroots Venues

Culture is in the DNA of our city. Protecting and helping this vibrant industry as we look to recover from COVID19 will be one of our core priorities.

  • We will provide micro grants for street activation.
  • We will create a fund to preserve our grassroots creative groups, using a streamlined micro grant process.
  • We will provide space and funding for artists and businesses to start new ventures in all of our villages, across the whole LGA.
  • We will create citywide programmes to make art accessible to young & disadvantaged communities.



Making Sydney Fairer, Safer and Healthier 

Place community wellbeing, not just economic growth, at the heart of our planning system. Our vision is for a city that values community and cultural connection and equity in well-being across generations as much as the more traditional bottom-line measures like productivity and economic growth.

  • We will improve the condition of our footpaths and streets to ensure accessibility for all, especially the less-abled.
  • We will further invest in walking and cycling infrastructure including installation of a network of pedestrian and cycling count sensors.
  • We will install a network of microclimate sensors to monitor temperature and air quality across the LGA.
  • We will introduce Triple Bottom Line (also known as 3BL: social, environmental and financial) reporting for the Council.
  • We will make our streets safer for women and girls.
  • We will assist people experiencing Homelessness by providing mobile basic services (hairdressing, clothes, showers, etc.) and opening up city owned properties as shelters.
  • We will create new women’s shelters.


Efficiency, Accountability and Integrity

We will make Council more transparent and accountable.

  • We will accelerate processing of DAs and other permits monitored by transparent KPIs.
  • We will accelerate the digitalisation of all Council processes.
  • We further invest in and grow our Open Data initiatives including City of Sydney's Open Data Hub.
  • We will review council planning processes to maximise flexibility in considering approvals.
  • We will not establish any more targets without clear plans to achieve them.


Developing More Affordable and Social Housing

Increase affordable housing and reduce homelessness across the City of Sydney.

  • We will work with community housing providers to increase supply of affordable housing.
  • We will work with developers to integrate affordable dwellings in new developments instead of just paying a levy.
  • We will consider new models of providing affordable housing that is well integrated into the community, including repurposing existing buildings.
  • We will consider new land policies such as public land leasing and land value recapture.
  • We will consider building Council owned affordable housing.
  • We will maximise the use of all City owned properties for social, business and creative purposes.



We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which our offices stand and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We acknowledge the sorrow of the Stolen Generations and the impacts of colonisation on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We also recognise the resilience, strength and pride of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Authorised by Yvonne Weldon. 18 George Street, Redfern, NSW 2016